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Origin name: Citrus Calamondin Op Stam

If you’re looking for a fun, colourful and playful touch to your apartment then this is the beauty you’re looking for. A favourite amongst slow cleaners as its citrusy aroma leaves the room smelling deliciously fresh! The fruits are long-lasting and you can enjoy them for months on the trees. Taste is tart and we recommend you try one before using it in cooking. That being said, it’s the perfect replacement of a lemon and also makes the most amazing marmalade.

How to care for it:

This is a plant who enjoys a real sunbathing session. 4 hours a day in direct sunlight is what we recommend, and during summer it will be happy to stay outdoor. Try giving it a turn every week as it tends to grow toward the light. When watering the plant, you should water well and then wait until the surface of the soil is dry before you water well again.


Pot Height: 17cm
Diameter: 19cm
Approx Plant Height: 50cm