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Parlour Palm
Parlour Palm
Parlour Palm

Parlour Palm

Parlour Palm

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Origin name: Neanthe bella, Parlour Palm or Chamaedorea Elegans

Our Parlour Palm is an indoor palm that gives any room an exotic uplift. Thanks to its easy going and adaptive attitude to low light and humidity levels, it’s one of the most popular indoor palms through the times. Another reason for its popularity is its ability to clean the air and will leave the room feeling fresh and clean without the need of pulling out your mop. This low maintenance plant makes it a perfect choice for beginners.

How to care for it:

Neither deep shade nor harsh sunlight is recommended for this palm. It can tolerate low light but definitely thrives the best in a bright room with sun in the morning or late afternoon. When watering this plant, we recommend you water well and then wait until the surface of the soil is dry before you water well again. When temperature levels are low, plants don’t consume as much water and you can therefore limit the amount. Because there are several plants in a single pot, you need to feed on a semi regular basis, once every couple of months will do. If you’re looking into repotting, keep in mind that palms generally don’t like root disturbance due to their weak root systems.


Pot Height: 22cm
Diameter: 30cm
Approx Plant Height: 80cm