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Origin name: Epiphyllum Anguliger

Doesn’t look like a typical cactus, right? That’s exactly what makes it so unique! With its long fishbone-looking arms, this plant makes the perfect decoration to your home. Don’t get fooled by its looks – although it might seem like it’s beauty requires a lot of attention, it’s easy to care for. A perfect plant for beginners! Flowering generally occur during late summer or fall.

How to care for it:

This cactus thrives best in a shady spot outdoors during summer and in medium light indoors the rest of the year. It also likes a warm and humid climate, we recommend you mist spray it daily! During spring and summer, this cactus needs plenty of water and the soil should be moist at all times. At the end of each flowering period, we recommend you give it a brief rest and the water only enough to prevent from drying out during the next two-three weeks. The rest of the time you may water moderately and allow the top soil dry out completely between waterings. Once the flower buds start to form, you may apply a tomato-type fertilizer every two weeks and when the buds are open you should stop feeding.

If you’re looking into repotting, make sure you repot every spring, moving the plant into slightly bigger pots until it has reached a 13 cm pot size.


Pot Height: 18cm
Diameter: 15cm
Approx Plant Height: 30cm