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Tropic Snow
Tropic Snow
Tropic Snow

Tropic Snow

Tropic Snow

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Origin name: Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow.

This is the plant for you with a dark side and appreciation for beauty. It’s known to be a coldblooded murder but although this majesty is in fact poisonous, it has gotten an undeserved reputation. The plant rarely kills human or animal, but be careful and avoid coming into contact with its sap as it likes to keep to itself and do not appreciate physical contact. The foliage will most likely enthral you with its very rare mix of green, white and yellow. 

How to care for it:

 Indirect bright light is what is recommended for this plant, and light shade is acceptable although not optimal. Really good watering is preferred but then leave it to dry out for a bit. The plant thrives best in warm temperatures but can stand both high and low humidity. And we recommend you feed it every month with a half strength fertiliser. If repotting we highly recommend you wear gloves and also keep in mind that this is a plant looking the most precious when being small and compact, and with repotting you often make room for it to grow tall.


Pot Height: 23cm
Diameter: 24cm
Approx Plant Height: 80cm