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Origin name: Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens

The Areca indoor palm is well-known and popular due to its easy going nature. The numerous fronds arranged close to one another, gives the palm charming, chubby looks that you can’t help but adore. Its ability to clean and moisture the air makes it an excellent choice in any Scandinavian home. Although the maintenance is relatively low, we recommend you wait a little if you’re a beginner.

How to care for it:

Easy to care for and positive for your health makes this palm a great friend. Neither deep shade nor harsh sunlight is recommended for this palm and to completely satisfy its wishes you should keep it in a bright spot without any direct sunlight. Since this is a palm best thrived in moistened air, we suggest you mist the palm using a pebble tray. Make sure to keep the soil moistened at all times but never overdo it. It should also be fed every month, except during winter. If you’re looking into repotting, keep in mind that palms generally don’t like root disturbance due to their weak root systems.


Pot Height: 23cm
Diameter: 23cm
Approx Plant Height: 95-100cm